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Designed for your personal wealth creation through monthly deposits.

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Designed for students for an early start in investments.

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A secure future for children is the dream of every parent. It starts from here.

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x Standard


Well suited for adults looking for a safe and rewarding long term investment experience.
Account opening amount is GHC50.00
Monthly Minimum top-up amount GHC50.00
Minimum balance in the event of a partial withdrawal shall be GH¢ 100.00
Returns are targeted at 91 day T Bill plus 2.
Can be used as security for loan application

x Student


The perfect starter pack for smart students looking to start investments today:
Opening balance of GHC20.00
Minimum monthly investments of GHC20.00
Returns are targeted at 91 day T-bill rate plus 1.
Minimum holding period of 12 months ie. Withdrawal is allowable after 12 months without penalty.

x Kiddie


The ideal and most rewarding trust account for kids to secure their financial future.
Account opening amount is GH¢50.00
A Minimum contribution of GH¢20.00 monthly.
Tenure is open-ended until the 18th birthday of child (beneficiary) Trustee can transfer full ownership and control of the account to child after the 18th birthday of the child or leave the investment to run and transfer to the child at a later date.
Allowable withdrawal up to 50% of the balance on behalf of the beneficiary after 5th anniversary of the opening of the account.
One (1) withdrawal allowed per year(without penalty) after the the 5th Anniversary. This is also limited to 50% of the balance in the account at each request.
Returns shall be targeted at 91 day T-bill.
Life Insurance cover (from GHC2,000.00 to GHC200,000.00) for Death or permanent disability of trustee .

x Speed Lane

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