Frequently Ask Questions

Can I have more than one gold account?

Yes.  You can have as many as you wish

If there is a break in contribution how does it affect me?

There is no penalty for missing monthly deposits, however you may not meet your targeted investment objective if you miss scheduled payments. 

Can I do top ups even though I have signed the direct debit?

Yes, aside your periodic top-ups via direct debit, you can also make adhoc top-ups which even increases your income generation.

Would there be a deduction on my account if I sign onto the direct debit?

There is no service charge to you. That cost is borne by Liberty Asset Management Limited.

What is the penalty in case I need the money before the stipulated two years?

Early closure or partial withdrawal attracts a penalty on the interest you earn prorated to the age of your investment.

Can I top up with less than 50 Cedis?

No. The minimum top-up amount is Fifty Cedis.

Why should I not use my child below 18 years as my next of kin?

Since in case of emergency, the next of kin may have to operate the account, it is advisable the person is of a majority age. 

Why is the investment benchmarked against treasury bill?

This is to ensure that the interest earning ability of your account does not fall below the 91 day Treasury bill. 

Why is so much information needed to fill a form?

The information required is as directed by the regulators of the financial services industry. 

How frequently can I request for statement and through what means will it be received?

You will receive statements monthly via your email account. It is also available in your client area on the internet or through the mobile app. 

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