Liberty Gold Account

This is a long term wealth management product for individuals who are willing to build wealth over time for future needs. Clients are expected to make regular monthly investments. Unscheduled payments can also be made.

Contributions are usually taken through Mobile Money, bank direct debit (which saves cost to the client) rather than a standing order mandate. Furthermore, cash or cheque payments can also be made at any of our offices. Clients are expected to invest for a minimum holding period of two years.

The minimum amount to open a Liberty Gold Account is GHC 50.00 for Standard and Kiddie Gold and GHC20.00 for students.  Clients are however at liberty to start with an amount higher than GHC50.00. Interest on this account is benchmarked against the 91 days Treasury plus a spread of 2% which makes returns more rewarding than the interest on the traditional bank savings account.

Click here to view a projection of investment in Liberty Gold.

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